Dj iFun LOVES music! Being a Dj is more than a job for him. This is his calling, this is his passion, this is the love of his life. Any club, any night, any genre; Dj iFun will rock crowds, keep people dancing and take any audience on a musical journey!...


A well rounded DJ that loves to experiment with music in every genre & era. Holding a consistent residency throughout the city, this DJ is guaranteed to make any of your events memorable! 

DJ 23

DJ 23 aka MJ has loved music for ages. From being part of the night life industry To listening to mixtapes from the OG DJ’s of vancouver to seeing DJ Jazzy Jeff Live. He decided to take his love of music and take it behind the decks to have you having happy feet to catching feels and bringing you back to those good ol days of feel good music.

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